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Thank You for Visiting the Cajun Cleaver Landing page

In 2017, we began working with The Cajun Cleaver to provide a retail source in Birmingham for our Wagyu beef grown right here in North Alabama. From our first visit to their shop, and a long friendly talk with Nick, we felt like this opportunity had great potential. If there is strong demand, we hope to continue supplying our locally produced Wagyu beef for many years to come.

From this landing page, you can:

  • see more about the background and raising of the beef that became your specific purchase.
  • learn about the process that transforms a steer from our farm to a steak in your basket.
  • use the navigation links above or below to explore our website and learn about our operation.

We deliver our beef one side at a time. Each one is uniquely identified by an ID tag that corresponds to a QR code and website reference that should be on the label of your individual package. That means you can navigate to information about your specific purchase by finding the corresponding ID number, or by simply clicking on the date below that is on, or just before your purchase.

  • April 6, 2017: Steaks/Roasts/Ground Products from a Black F1 Wagyu Steer ID: R-45 (1C), born 17-Feb-15, harvested 19-Mar-17

  • March 9, 2017: Steaks/Roasts/Ground Products from a Black F2 Wagyu Steer ID: R-49 (34B), born 24-Dec-14, harvested 24-Feb-17

  • February 10, 2017: Steaks/Roasts/Ground Products from a Black F1 Wagyu Steer ID: R-19 (4C), born 23-Feb-15, harvested 24-Jan-17

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