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Detailed Information Page for Steer White-11 (38D)

Steer 38D was born at Whitesell Farms Wagyu on 12-Jul-16 in our sixth year of production of Wagyu influenced beef at our farm on the top of Battleground Mountain in the northwest corner of Cullman County, Alabama. He is a Fullblood (100%) Wagyu steer. His genetic line represents some of the best breeding in the industry. His lineage is: World K's Haruki 2 (FB1614) x LMR Ms Kitaguni 8168U (FB8968). He was born on our farm from an embryo we purchased in a group as we were expanding into Fullblood Wagyu stock.

The recipient dam of 38D, W-94 is doing great work as an embryo recipient cow. You can find more information on her, by following this link to her record in our listing of herd cows.

38D spent his first 205 days in a pasture on our farm with his mother as his main source of sustenance. At weaning on day 205, he weighed 376 lbs - a little light for our preference, even for a fullblood of this lineage. At weaning, he transitioned to our "Grower Pasture" where he grew to a Yearling on good grass, with access to high quality hay and minerals, and a daily supplemental ration of between 5 and 8 lbs of 13% protein cattle feed. His yearling weight was 680 lbs with a frame score of 2.9. With that small stature but solid weight gain, it made more sense to feed him out for beef than keep him for a herd bull. At 12 months, he transitioned to our "Yearling Pasture" with acres of green hills to roam, with ample hay, mineral and water resources, where he was introduced to an all-natural supplemental feed designed with enough bulk digestible material to prevent over consumption, yet stimulate growth.

At 23 months of age, 38D transitioned to our "Finishing Pasture" at 1005 lbs. For three months over the summer of 2018, he grazed Bermuda and rye grasses, had high-quality hay, and free choice access to a special formulation of all-natural finishing feed prepared for us by our friends at Hillsboro Feeds, west of Decatur, AL. During this period, he posted weight gain of over 1 lb per day to finish at 1115 lbs live weight. A few more details can be found on our Available Supply page at this link.

38D was harvested on 15-Oct-18 at H & P Meats in South Pittsburgh, TN, the nearest processing plant to our farm that caries the USDA Federally Inspected designation. His carcass weight was 614 lbs. The beef was dry-aged for 18 days before being processed for wholesale delivery, with destination including The RailYard in Decatur, AL. It was transported in a refrigerated truck, following USDA and Health Department guidelines.

This beef became available on 7-Nov-18. If you had the chance to enjoy our beef and followed the link here, you can be confident in knowing EXACTLY where it came from, and how it was raised. Thank you for your purchase. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor and will leave us a comment on our 'Contact Us' form.

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