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         Your source for Wagyu beef and seed stock genetics in Cullman, Alabama!

Welcome to the Website for Whitesell Farms

Whitesell Farms is a family-owned operation in North Alabama with over 400 "momma cows" on 600+ acres. We specialize in raising high quality beef based on the best of the Wagyu breed genetics. Though much of out calf crop is sent to Iowa for professional finishing and national marketing, some of our locally finished beef can be purchased by the side and at area farmers markets. For Wagyu cattle producers, seed stock genetics are available as well. Our farm was profiled in the 2016 article, Raising the Steaks, in Alabama Living - boy did that cause a flurry of activity!

Our herd is based on the genetic advantages offered by the Wagyu breed of cattle made famous by the Japanese Kobe beef brand. World famous Kobe beef comes from Wagyu cattle that are raised in the Kobe region of Japan to exacting standards. The Kobe name is protected as an appellation d'origine contrôlée, much like the fact that only the white sparkling wine from a certain region in France can be called Champagne. Kobe beef are even rumored to receive massages and beer! Our cattle may never meet a masseur, but they do possess the same genetic advantages you find in Kobe beef. Our own tailored finishing regime gives them exceptional marbling, world class tenderness, and great taste!

We are firm believers in having aspirational goals to guide decision making on the farm. Our goal is to raise animals that consistently finish with 1,000 lb carcass hanging weights that will grade in the top category of "Above Prime" (or whatever grading scale is applied!). Unfortunately, that "Above Prime" measurement is subjective for now and based on the criteria of the graders at the end packing houses we use. One day, we hope that the USDA will embrace a grading scale more like the Japanese or Australian markets that will give us better feedback on our finished product. The hanging weight target is more measurable and our target represents a challenge due to the small frame size of most Wagyu cattle.

Whether you are interested in finding a source of great local beef, locating seed stock for your own herd, or just interested in information on working with the Wagyu breed, we hope that you will enjoy the information on our website. Feel free to leave a comment on the "Contact Us" page.

Looking for Local Beef? Check out your options below:

Traditionally the beef we raise on our farm was sold by the side, directly to the public as Custom Beef. This is still an option today, and if you are interested in a side of beef for which you have full control of the processing, please have a look at the Available Supply link to the right.

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Since 2018, we have offered individual cuts of USDA Federally inspected beef through our wholly owned subsidiary, North Alabama Wagyu, LLC, at Farmers Markets in the area. Our locations and schedules depend on the season and are best found on the NAW website.

Check for dates & locations.

Be sure to "like" our Facebook Page to see updates on availability and activity on the farm.

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