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Welcome to the Website for Whitesell Farms

Whitesell Farms is a small, family-owned operation in North Alabama. We specialize in raising high quality beef for sale directly to the end consumer.

Our custom beef herd is based on the genetic advantages offered by the Wagyu breed of cattle made famous by the Japanese Kobe beef brand. World famous Kobe beef comes from Wagyu cattle that are raised in the Kobe region of Japan to exacting standards, much like the fact that only the white sparkling wine from a certain region in France can be called Champagne. Kobe beef are even rumored to receive massages and beer!

Our cattle may never meet a masseur, but they do possess the same genetic advantages you find in Kobe beef. Our own tailored finishing regime gives them exceptional marbling, world class tenderness, and great taste!

Are You Ready for some Great Steaks?!?

Traditionally the beef we raise on our farm are sold by the side, directly to the public as Custom Beef. If you are interested in a full side of beef, please have a look at the Available Supply link to the right. Due to strong demand from our existing customer base, you will typically need to use the Contact Us for to get on the waiting list (but it is worth the wait!)

Available Stock

New for 2016, we are working with the locally owned Star Super Market in the historic Five Points District of Huntsville, Alabama to offer USDA Federally inspected steaks, roasts, and ground beef through their beautifully stocked meat counter. We have seen great consumer demand and will be delivering beef all fall until our supply runs out.

Visit our Star Market Landing Page for more information.

In Stock all Fall 2016!

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