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At this time, we are still building up our own herd, but occasionally we do have something for sale. One day, we expect to be able to supply other breeders in addition to maintaining our own herd.

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Bull ID:  WFW Bama Akiyoshi 10B

Birth Year: 2014

Breed:  Registered Fullblood Wagyu


This bull was born on our farm and is one of two nearly identical bulls that we raised from embryos. These embryos were purchased during the Belcampo Wagyu dispersal sale and represent some of the best Wagyu breeding around. 10B has a star studded pedigree and a lot to contribute to a developing herd. We are selling him and keeping his brother, 8B has a herd bull since we don't have a need for two bulls with nearly identical backgrounds.


This bull is of prime breeding age and is pasture ready. We have had him with cows and have calves from him that look great. He also did a stint with a friend of our's fullblood heifers this summer, so we know he is ready to go. We will guarentee his breeding soundness at time of purchase.


Price: $4,000 - SOLD

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