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In 2016, we decided to take the plunge into owning and promoting a top-of-the-line Wagyu bull. In August, we acquired Webbco Michiyoshi B113, an incredibly promising 2 year old bull.

Bull ID:  Webbco Michiyoshi B113

Breed:  Registered Fullblood Wagyu

Registration Number:  FB19880

Birth Year: 2014

DNA Testing Results: 

SCD Fat Markers: AA

Tenderness Marker: 9

GH Exon 5 Gene: BC


1-9 straws: $30/straw

10-99 straws: $25/straw

100+ straws: $20/straw

An information sheet on this bull is available here: B113 Info Sheet

We went through his pedigree and calculated a minimum of 68% Tajima heritage (with it potentially being as high as 72%) so he brings serious marbling credentials to the table with a balance of growth and milk. This bull really does have a start studded pedigree. If you can stand a little Wagyu-geeky-ness, here are some of the highlights, with links to various other references:


  • Michiyoshi (FB9420): This bull is known as a marbling champion. In an AWA Bull trial, 100% of his F1 offspring graded PRIME, with 92% of those grading High Prime. DNA-wise, he was SCD: AA and Tenderness: 7. He has a rare combination of GH Exon 5 varient BC and SCD varient AA (both highly preferred). I found a reference to a $100,000 price tag for him in 2010. He is now deceased and it is getting hard to find verified semen for this bull.
  • Webbco Ito 500Y (FB13786): This dam is a top donor in a high quality herd that was bred in the Lone Mountain program to combine strong marbling influence with frame size, milk, and growth potential. As a full grown cow, she weighs 1600lbs.

Paternal Grandparents:

  • World K's Sanjirou (FB2501): In the Tajima Wagyu line, Sanjirou doesn't need much introduction. He shows up in pedigrees all over the USA. DNA-wise, he is SCD: AA and Tenderness: 7. Progeny data on 6,800 calves in Australia demonstrated amazing results with 88% at 9+, 12% at 7-9. (7-9 are considered Prime+ and Prime++ on the USDA scale.) He ranked as the #8 Marbling bull in the 2013 National Wagyu Sire Summary.
  • CHR Ms Fukutsuru 107L (FB5861): I didn't find any reference information on this dam other than to note that she comes from the highly regarded Crescent Harbor herd.

Maternal Grandparents:

  • TF Itomichi 1/2 (FB2126): This bull comes from the Shimane Wagyu line and brings size (+18 EBV 600 day weight) and milk (+9 EBV). His only knock is that DNA-wise, he is SCD: VV and Tenderness: 6. Luckily, by the time we get to B113, we have bred back to a SCD: AA. He was imported from Japan to the USA in 1995.
  • LMR Ms Sanjirou 4P 728T (FB10330): I couldn't find information here either, but she comes from one of the best programs in the country, Lone Mountain Cattle Company.

Paternal Great Grandparents:

  • World K's Michifuku (FB1615): This bull is one of the original benchmarks of the breed, and a foundational bull in the US as the 5th to Japanese bull to reach the US. He once ranked as high as #1 in the National Sire Summary, and by 2013 had only slipped to #14, but STILL maintained a #4 ranking for Ribeye Size. DNA-wise, he is SCD: AA and Tenderness: 5. Progeny data available on some of the reference sites is also outstanding.
  • World K's Suzutani (FB1617): This cow is one of the first three heifer exported from Japan (in 1993) and was 100% Tajima. She is mentioned in the "History of Wagyu Export and Import" provided as reference.
  • JVP Fukutsuru-068 (FB2101): This bull is an absolute trait leader for marbling by all standards. He is also a foundational bull in the US, imported from Japan in 1994. He has maintained his ranking as #1 in the National Sire Summary for years. DNA-wise, he is SCD: AA and Tenderness: 7.
  • CHR Ms Takazakura 044J (FB4835): There is no public information on this Cresent Harbor cow, but she is a daughter of one of the original import bulls, Takazakura who came to the US in 1994.

Maternal Great Grandparents:

  • Itomichi (FB500): With this bull, we are back into entirely Japanese stock. If there is anything out there to share with you, its in Japanese and I can't read it!
  • DAI 2 Kintou (FB464): This cow is also of entirely Japanese stock. Her line gets a favorable mention in the reference material for TF Itomichi 1-2.
  • Bar R Sanjirou 4P (FB5663): This bull is one of my favorites as a major contributor to our herd. Before his semen got impossible to find, we used 100s of straws in our program. DNA-wise, he is SCD: AA and Tenderness: 7. He has ranked as high as 3rd in Sire Summaries and still in 2013 shows up as the #9 Marbling bull.
  • BR Ms Fukutsuru 9671 (FB4950): There is no public information on this cow, but it is interesting to note that her sire is JVP Fukutsuru 068, giving our bull a second link back to 068; this time on the maternal side.

We acquired this bull for the betterment of our own herd. The combination of his pedigree, his conformance, and his DNA profile, was the key for us. At the same sale, we did chase a similar bull with a AA/10 in SCD/Tenderness, but the price tag just got silly. A Tendernes marker of 9 out of 10 might not be perfect, but it is very, very good. Our program has benefited significantly through the years from reasonably priced semen being available on very good bulls. It is for that reason, out of principle, that we are pricing B113 straws at an affordable price to the market at large. He is an excellet choice for Fullblood or F1 production, or for breeding to first calf heifers in any program.

Semen is stored at Hawkeye Breeders in Iowa, and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. We also have a supply locally in North Alabama.

If you are interested in purchasing semen, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.

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