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You can still buy Custom Beef

Over the years, we have done a little bit of everything when it comes to selling beef for the local market to enjoy. It turns out that retail and wholesale sales are very demanding in terms of time and effort to make them successful. Our real passion lies with the animals on the farm, so for now, Farmers Markets and local restaurants are a thing of the past. You can still arrange for a local side of beef. Use the "Contact Us" button for more details.

Custom Beef - What to Expect

Our beef are raised to exacting standards, following a process that we continue to improve as we gain more experience. For the first 205 days (+/-), the calf is raised primarily by its dam on milk and grass. We do introduce it to more complex feed sources through a process known as "creep feeding" that lets it sample a well balanced feed at its own pace. At 205 days, they are weaned and vaccinated, held with unlimited access to hay, minerals and supplemental feed to maintain their weight and health. After they have come through the weaning process, they move either to A to Z Feeders in Iowa, or potentially our Yearling Pasture, if they are candidates for replacement animals on the farm. At A to Z Feeders, they are managed and monitored in a top notch facility with a proven record of finishing out Wagyu cattle. If we (and our partners) have done our job properly, they reach a high degree of marbling and build up an ample fat supply required for butchering.

Several times during a year, we transport feeder cattle to Iowa. Rather than coming home with an empty trailer, we now use that opportunity to bring back finished Wagyu animals that can be purchased by local customers, by the side, as Custom Beef. Sides of beef are sold by hanging weight, which is one of the fairest methods of purchase as it is a direct measure of the important metric when it comes to packaged beef. The only downside is that the final price cannot be calculated until the side is dry aging at the processors. That said, we generally expect our sides of beef to range in the 400-500 lbs range. You can expect to take home about half of the hanging weight as packaged beef. One of the most fun parts of the process is that you get to specify exactly how it is cut and packaged!

If you are interested in a side of beef, please reach out to us through the Contact Us button.

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